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The Viking Cup, memoirs and stories of the program’s founder, is a joyful account of an important chapter of Canada’s hockey history.

How does a small college in a rural Alberta city of just over 12,000 people become host to the finest hockey players in the world?

Now a part of the University of Alberta, Camrose Lutheran College (CLC) was challenged to compete against larger city colleges. Through persistence in following a vision, the school and the community embraced the potential of the Viking Cup in 1980, opening their doors to the world of hockey through this unique international exchange program. Outside, the Cold War was raging, but barriers seemed to melt as the love of hockey played on. By the time the Cup had its last hurrah in 2006, the NHL had drafted more than 400 players from its ranks.

I like to look at the footwork of the future of hockey. That is why I went to the Viking Cup, and that is why I recommend this book.
Scotty Bowman, NHL Hall Of Famer, 14-Time Stanley Cup Winner

The atmosphere at the Viking Cup was incredible. It was so lively and so much fun. As players we knew the full house of fans were enjoying it like we were. It made a big impression on me.
Dave Tippett, NHL Player and Coach

The Viking Cup was my first experience in North America. It was gold for us. Young Czech hockey players all know this cup. It’s always in the newspapers.
Dominik Hasek, NHL Hall of Famer, Stanley Cup Winner

Hundreds have now read the book “The Viking Cup – A Small College Town Scores Big Time”.

Here is what they are saying…..

I would say “World famous” because, no matter where I travelled through the exporting or genetics business, I was amazed when I told people I was from Camrose. Inevitably, the comeback would be “The home of the Viking Cup”. There was only one disappointment, and that was when I reached the last page to realize there was no more to read……. And so, I read the book a second time, and enjoyed it just as much.

Bob Prestage, Camrose. Former Camrose County Reeve and Hockey Referee

The excitement of being able to attend several tournaments was a huge part of my childhood. Looking back on it now, I’ve come to understand that it was much more than a hockey tournament. LeRoy Johnson has not only captured a wonderful set of “behind the scenes” stories that span the history of one of the most successful international hockey tournaments in the world, many set against the political intrigue of the Cold War no less! He has also provided ample inspiration for those who still believe that small towns can and should strive to accomplish astonishing things.

Dr. Clark Banack, Director AB Centre for Sustainable Rural Communities. Augustana, University of Alberta

It’s clear that these powerful experiences have produced lifetime vivid memories and appreciation for the way in which a small town came together (over 400 volunteers were involved in each tournament) to produce a tournament that became known around the world. This element of the book is the reason I recommend it so highly. I eagerly devoured it, and savoured the warm feelings it produced in me.

Dr Tim Parker Augustana Faculty, University of Alberta

This is an extremely thorough summary and comprehensive reference of the history of the Viking Cup. It provides a significant amount of information relating to the future of many of the Viking Cup Stars, especially those who had careers in the NHL.

As a former Camrosian, I applaud the author and those who assisted him with this excellent book and documentation of the Viking Cups!

Gary Gibeault, former Camrose City Manager

Anyone who wants to organize a major event can use this book as a clinic of excellence on creativity, dotting your i’s crossing your t’s, collaboration, crossing cultural boundaries and emeshing the community. It becomes a true personal journey for many people of different backgrounds.

Paul St Cyr, Edmonton Educator

This is a textbook for hockey and community development worthy of being in libraries and bookstores anywhere in the world. It should be within reach to every coach, leader and volunteer in sport. Anyone will find it informative and inspiring to read.

Wilf Brooks, Edmonton Businessman and Sportsman

LeRoy Johnson was the founder of the Viking Cup Exchange program while he was the director of athletics and international relations at Camrose Lutheran College. He led the Viking Cup as coordinator for twenty years. LeRoy and his Viking Cup team of volunteers turned unconventional practices into the norm, and his dedication to education, sport and politics earned him a University of Alberta Alumni recognition award in 2009 and an induction into the Alberta Hockey Hall of Fame and the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Hall of Fame in 2014. Through the success of the Viking Cup and his college career, LeRoy set his sights on politics and went on to be a city councilor and for 11 years was MLA for Wetaskiwin-Camrose constituency. LeRoy lives in Camrose and often reconnects with personalities involved in the Viking Cup.